Customer Relations Manager

The Owner of Hearthside Business Systems, Doug Bush's wife, Dianna, is the epitome of kindness and respect for others, and our clients always recognize that quickly. Yet, she is also a gifted artist with a unique "artist's" perspective on everything in life. Her contributions to our company through the years, since our inception, in 1993, have always been with that vision for the continued betterment of the company.

In addition to her duties at Hearthside Business Systems, Dianna has worked as a dental assistant, and as the office manager and assistant to the pastor at our church. She has also been a consummate mother and friend to our three children while pursuing hobbies as a watercolor painter among many other artistic endeavors.

And if that wasn’t enough, between 1993 and 2002, Doug and his wife Dianna ran a graphic design business in which Doug utilized his extensive skills with numerous graphic design and page layout applications while his wife, Dianna, drew all the artwork. They did everything from concept to creating the polymer plates for the presses and everything in between including creating training manuals, food labels, billboards, truck murals, and typesetting, illustrating, and editing several books for renowned authors.